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Web based videos sharing & managing tool for coaching institutes.

It is a video management system where admin can share upload and share videos on the portal and can share it with the selected users based on any business logic. This was developed for the coaching institute where admin shares the video to their students based on their grades or standards. The users can see only those videos that have been shared with them.

  • 1| vidclaz1
  • 2| vidclaz2
  • 3| vidclaz3
  • 4| vidclaz4
  • 5| vidclaz5
  • 6| vidclaz6
  • 7| vidclaz7

If you want to buy this webapp for your team, please write us at nistushtechsolutions@gmail.com. Alternately, you can also leave a message via the Contact section of this website. Our sales team will contact you soon to assist in the process.