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Material Tracker

Web based solution to track the materials of inventory and declarations from user for the ownership of the allocated materials.

Every company/department have assets but do very little to track or manage those assets. We believe that even the smallest asset of a company/department has some cost attached to it when purchased. So why shouldn't it be tracked? The company/department will the get return of that asset only when it would get used to its fullest.

Usually, we have seen that the person who manages these assets, uses excelsheet and emails to track them. Well, some how they have managed to track it until now but what will happen when the asset count increases or transactions increases. It would get messier, right?

It would become very difficult to manage data via excel/email beyond certain limit, otherwise why did so many database tool had been invented at the first place.

So to resolve the same problem in our department we have developed this Material Tracker, and belive us we are now managing our assets very well without any burden.

  • 1| Materials
  • 2| Issued Materials
  • 3| Material Details
  • 4| Material Comments
  • 5| User Accounts
  • 6| User Declaration
  • 7| User Declaration Form

Earlier we have assigned this managing task to one of our team member that roughly consumes his 1 hour on daily basis while occassionally 4-5 hours during inventory check. Now using this tool that 1 hour has been reduced to 10 minutes, i.e., 1/6th or original effort. That means the whole process got optimised by 83.33% and we are saving so much of our valuable time.

So we have just 1 suggestion to you that try it out yourself & save cost.


If you want to have demo/buy this webapp for your department/company, please write us at nistushtechsolutions@gmail.com. Alternately, you can also leave a message via the Contact section on the home page of this website. Our sales team will contact you soon to assist in the process.