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Web based marketing tool to collect emails from targetted mass.

It is a marketing tool that is used to collect email and other contact details of the tergetted users. Once the user clicks the link provided in the email, this system will gather all the contacts of their friendlist or contact book. Currently, it is compatible to Facebook, Google and Twitter.

  • 1| emailgrabber1
  • 2| emailgrabber2
  • 3| emailgrabber3
  • 4| emailgrabber4
  • 5| emailgrabber5
  • 6| emailgrabber6
  • 7| emailgrabber7
  • 8| emailgrabber8

If you want to buy this webapp for your team, please write us at nistushtechsolutions@gmail.com. Alternately, you can also leave a message via the Contact section of this website. Our sales team will contact you soon to assist in the process.