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Web based screening app for MNCs to filter out eligible candidates for job opening.

Initially, we built this webapp for our internal screening purpose only; to optimise the old ways of hiring process and reduce the workload of hiring team. Later on we felt it so useful that we thought to commercialize it, so that other people out there can also get benefit out of it.


The hiring team of an organisation will be provided admin rights, so they can create sets of questionaires on different topics at Google Spreadsheet for screening purpose. These multiple choice questions could be technical or non-technical depending on the requirement.

Then they can register the candidates on this portal by creating their username & password after filling out basic details about them.

Now these credentails will be shared with the candidate.

The candidate can enter the portal via received credential, choose the topic and give test. These tests are timer based, so when time finished, the candidate will not be able to submit their answers.

After successful submission of answers within alloted time, the report will be generated at admin dashboard. Based on this report the hiring team can decide future proceedings for that candidate.


If you want to buy this webapp for your team, please write us at nistushtechsolutions@gmail.com. Alternately, you can also leave a message via the Contact section of this website. Our sales team will contact you soon to assist in the process.