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Our Products

  • CrowdMailer

    Web based marketing tool to send bulk emails to target customers

  • EmailGrabber

    Web based marketing tool to collect emails from targetted mass

  • VidClaz

    Web based videos sharing & managing tool for coaching institutes

  • Abeilledor

    An e-commerce based mobile app to sell natural health supplements

  • SurfaceApplika

    Microsoft Surface table based customer engaging application for restaurants

  • RevsLink

    Promotional mobile app for the car dealers to share information about SUV cars

  • Heist Insurance

    Mobi-site to share information about insurance schemes & to collect customer leads

  • Numerologia

    Numerology based multi-platform commercial app to predict personality of user

  • EligibilityMetrics

    Web based screening app for MNCs to filter out eligible candidates for job opening

  • Vaagdal

    Hindi language website to share content centric text articles on various topics

  • Live Healthier Than Ever

    Website focussed on health and wellness to promote health supplement products

  • VirtualConference

    Web based audio, video & text chat app to do virtual conference, presentation or teaching

  • Lead Management System

    Web based solution to completely manage accumulated leads in a life-cycle

  • PAI

    Multi-platform based chatbot to provide auto-assistance or tech-support using AI

  • WorkLog

    An email solution to send a daily status update report via email to group or individual

  • TrackMyRent

    A mobiapp & chrome extension to record, calculate & manage housing rents of a family

  • Vault

    A mobiapp & chrome extension to save your personal notes in a highly secured & encrypted environment

  • CRAT

    Web based solution to review and analyse the shared code of a team in a patch for peers or reviewers

  • Material-Tracker

    Web based solution to track the materials of inventory and declarations from user for the ownership of the allocated materials

  • UniversalGUI

    A browser based desktop app that could provide a GUI to any CLI tools that were made for either Linux, MacOS or Windows.

  • Suxm

    A micro web-server as a command-line utility made for Linux, MacOS & Windows.

  • WebSevak

    A minimal admin control panel with GUI to deploy and control your project remotely via your browser using http and compatible to Linux, MacOS or Windows.

  • Drafter

    PWA based simple and lightweight online text editor.

  • Web Shell

    A micro web-server as a command-line utility made for Linux, MacOS & Windows.